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For Students

Student Ambassador Program

Train Jam is now providing opportunities specifically tailored for students via our Student Ambassador Program. We are working with various Universities to guarantee space on the train for students to participate in Train Jam and and benefit from all of the associated experiences.

Student ambassador jam tickets include one Coach-Class ticket on the train, access to all sponsor provided jam benefits, and one GDC Expo Pass graciously provided by GDC organizers. All games created during Train Jam will be exhibited in the Train Jam booth on the Expo Floor at GDC.

If you are a student and are interested in this opportunity, talk to your professors and get in touch with us to inquire about availability and pricing.

An Amazing Experience

Part of what made the inaugural year’s Train Jam event so amazing was the wide array of developers that were participating. There were a number of fresh faces working with veteran game developers, which was an unexpected circumstance that we want to officially foster this year. This is a rare opportunity to participate in a jam and gain insights and advice from a range of experienced developers.

Train Jam offers an experience in that is not only a game jam, but an opportunity to be inspired by some of the most scenic locations in the United States. Instead of working in fluorescent rooms on campus, students can sit down and create something amazing while passing through the Rocky Mountains.


To facilitate the crossing paths cross between amateurs, students, professionals, and educators, we started our Mentor Program.

When developers sign up to attend Train Jam, they are asked if they would like to be a mentor to our Student Ambassadors. Once sales have concluded, we email all potential mentors to get an rough idea of the area of focus you work in (art, design, production, etc) so that we can provide a well rounded pool of mentors to our jammers.

What’s it mean to be a mentor? By signing up to be a mentor you are offering part of your time on Train Jam to be available to our Student Ambassadors as well as other jammers to elicit feedback or critiques on their work. We are planning to have parts of the train sectioned off for Mentors to work so that jammers can seek them out for input on their project. We also would like to have some mentors available on the day prior to the train leaving to hang out at the meet and greet location to be accessible for portfolio reviews, answer questions, and help make sure teams get a good start on the jam.

For Schools

University Outreach

Train Jam wants to work with various academic institutions to help place hardworking students on our jam. There are many ways universities can help – universities can assist funding their students to participate in Train Jam or simply helping spread information about Train Jam to their student body.

We Want to Work With You

As educators, you know that life experiences are just as important as lessons learned from text books. How many of students have had the chance to work around industry professionals while scenic views pass before them for two days straight? This is a unique opportunity for your students to gain invaluable life and industry experience.

Because our space is limited, we need you, as educators, to help us find the students who exhibit the desire, skill, and ability to participate in the jam and create excellent games.

Contact us to see how your school can help us make Train Jam an amazing event for everyone.

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