Train Jam



For Developers

Train Jam’s diversity initiatives focus on giving developers from under-represented territories and genders assistance to travel to Chicago, participate in Train Jam, attend GDC, and return home.

  • Geographic Diversity includes developers from countries which are not considered to be a part of the United States of America, Canada, Western Europe, or Australia.
  • Gender Diversity includes developers who identify as a woman, gender fluid, non-binary, agender, non-cisgendered manĀ or any other under-represented gender in the games industry.

If you are a developer from these under-represented communities within the games industry, Train Jam may be able to assist you both financially and logistically. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we can provide travel stipends, sponsored Train Jam tickets, and visum application assistance. Train Jam can also help with the logistics of planning your trip to Chicago/Train Jam/San Francisco, and will be available to answer any questions you may have with the jam, GDC, and traveling around the US.

Each year, before Train Jam opens its public sale, we open applications up for developers from these diverse backgrounds. These applications are simple and private, and help us see how we can facilitate assistance for as many developers as we can. We will announce when the applications open up on our website’s updates page, as well as our twitter @indietrainjam.

For Sponsors

If you are interested in sponsoring our diversity efforts, please contact us in order to receive our most up-to-date sponsorship packet.

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